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Facial Contouring and Masseter Reduction

Monday, April 22, 2013

A beautiful or handsome face, amongst other features, is generally defined by jaw definition. A square face with a  well defined 90 degree jaw angle is considered to be beautiful due to its appearance of strength. We have noticed that some people lose the sharpness of their beauty as their jaw’s definition extends outside the angle. This is not a structural anomaly. It is usually created from overdeveloped Masseter Muscles which originate from expressing internal tension and stress while asleep and going about the day.   It can be easy to see by intentionally clenching  your jaw a muscle protrusion can be seen.  Sometimes these muscles are asymmetrically developed . While this can be quite flattering it can alter the facial outline as well as create an aching  jawline,  particularly at the juncture, which can in turn travel into a constant headache which  sometimes requires mild pain relief.

Some men and women resort to wearing a dental prosthesis that supports the activity of unconscious behaviors that can also lead to teeth grinding. Another very successful alternative is injecting  of a muscle relaxant  into the muscle on each side or one side if asymmetrical. Over a month this atrophies the masseter muscle, aches and pains disappear and facial outline returns to what we classify 'perfect facial symmetry'. 

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