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Since commencing his practice in 2002 Dr Mooney has developed a busy practice with special interest in cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, nose and sinus complaints, voice and laryngology and head and neck cancer surgery. As a member of the Prince of Wales Head and Neck Oncology Clinic Dr Mooney is involved with the treatment and care of difficult head and neck cancer cases. Access to a large teaching hospital like Prince of Wales and membership of its elite Ear, Nose and Throat Department represents an excellent resource for treatment of patients.  In July of 2011 Dr Mooney launched his own private practice rooms at Bondi Junction Westfield. This year in 2012 he opened his Facial Rejuvenation clinic, Face Plus Medispa by Dr William Mooney, located next to his rooms in Bondi Junction.

Dr Mooney's regular appearances on Channel 9’s “Mornings" television program showcase his talents as a polished, well practiced media entity and expert.  Please view his appearances here or visit his Youtube Channel here.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr Mooney is a specialist nose job or rhinoplasty surgeon and performs the highest number of rhinoplasty cases performed in Australia. This means he is expertly prepared for all noses, from simple cases through to the more difficult, complicated and revision patients. The decision to undergo any surgery can be daunting.  

Dr Mooney listens to your concerns, takes time to plan your treatment and to exercise these plans with the upmost commitment and attention to a successful outcome.

Patient Consultation Process

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Your first visit provides an opportunity to meet Dr. Mooney and his staff, to ask any questions you may have and to determine whether or not your planned surgery is for you.

Before your first visit, you may want to think through your expectations, especially with cosmetic surgery so that you can discuss them openly with Dr. Mooney. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem, but it alone will not change your life.  It is important to come with realistic expectations about achievable outcomes.

During your initial visit, Dr Mooney will explain the specific procedure you want, help you visualise the results with imaging technology and outline the associated risks. With cosmetic procedures Dr Mooney uses the latest computer imaging software to enable you to see how the finished surgery may look on your face before committing to surgery. Essentially this process involves having digital images of your face from multiple aspects altered on screen by Dr Mooney.

Working together with Dr Mooney in his office you are able to keep looking and adjusting until you achieve the result you like. This means you can see the look you want whilst Dr Mooney will guide you in a realistic manner through what is achievable with your face structure. These before and after images can be then taken away personally at the end of the consultation or emailed to you so that you can also discuss the changes with your family, partner or friends. Often this process can take several consultations.

For patients with general ear, nose and throat concerns or non-cosmetic procedures Dr Mooney is often able to address many minor concerns in his practice rooms, however some patients will be referred for further consultations or possible surgery. Minor procedures including endoscopies are performed in the practice rooms. For non-cosmetic patients you will be required to provide a referral letter from your GP. Routine and advance surgeries are performed at the following hospitals:

If surgery is required you will be given a full written quote for the surgery and associated medical costs, and possible dates will be discussed for the surgery.

Although complications are rare, all surgeries, especially those that involve anaesthesia, carry some risks. Dr. Mooney will outline these for you based on the specific procedure.  You will be asked to sign legal consent forms to show that you commit to the policies and procedures of the surgery and its associated risks.

As in any medical practice, all information about your visit is kept confidential.

Please call (02) 9389 4497 to make an appointment with Dr Mooney or discuss your needs further or please use our Online Inquiry Form to speak with our Patient Coordinator.

Choose only the best cosmetic surgeon for your skin and face, choose Dr William Mooney.   At our clinic we guarantee that you will receive professional, personalised service from one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Australia.Best Cosmetic Surgeon Australia

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