The nose serves as the axis of the face: the static structure around which the expression, dynamism and beauty of the face find axis. For cosmetic surgery to succeed, the surgeon must strike a delicate balance between artistry and medical science.



Change the look of your face without resorting to invasive surgical procedures with non-surgical cosmetic options. Dr Mooney is an expert in such procedures including Lip Augmentation, Anti-Aging Procedures and Thread Lifts.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Mooney specialises in some of the most complicated and intricate forms of cosmetic surgery including Rhinoplasty, Eye Lid Surgery & Implants and Prominent Ear Correction.

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Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr Mooney is one of Australia's foremost Oncology surgeons specialising in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery. His expertise also extends to correcting Sleep Apnoea, Sinus related issues and Head & Neck Cancer.

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